So I’ve started a new blog, but why?

So about three years ago I started a blog and about three or four posts into it I stopped.  I stopped for a number of reasons but the main ones are these: there didn’t seem to be much interest in what I was blogging about; and I didn’t really know why I was blogging or why anyone should care anyway.  It’s not surprising that it didn’t take off.  Now, however, things are very different.  I have goals and a mission, there is purpose and drive.  So, why start a blog now?

Provide a place for people to easily find new work

A new painting can take a not insignificant amount of time to complete.  Once finished, it wants to get out and be seen.  If not to be seen and enjoyed, what is the purpose of art?  When I’ve finished a new work I want to be able to let people know about it in a simple and effective manner.  Beyond that, this blog will allow me to show how things are going, and display works in progress.  Which brings me to…

Update anyone interested in current projects.

Anyone that has interest in the goings on here at Sylentstudios will be able to follow this blog as well as other social media outlets and get updates on what is being worked on.  This will allow people to see if they are interested or excited about new pieces coming out or give some insight into the process.  Which brings me to…

Show the process.

Through posts on this blog, and eventually videos here and on youtube, I will be able to show some of the process of painting and other art I might do in the future.  This could include step by step videos, sketches, silhouette work and so much more.  Those who like to see how art comes together will enjoy being able to see how some works are being made.  And finally…

A place for people who want to purchase art.

This blog will allow people that have an interest in purchasing art for themselves a place to come and see what’s new and quickly be able to jump to the store and buy it.  It also provides an easy, open avenue for people to get in touch with me to order special items, consignments, provide feedback, and bump into others that like the artwork they do.

As these things grow I hope you will be patient with any growing pains that will surely occur and, along with myself, find excitement in the future these things hold.

Thank you for reading and, as always, feel free to comment, like, and share.

Michael Simpson