Update on new work

It has been a slow work week.  Not because there hasn’t been a lot to do, but rather because I haven’t been able to do as much.  I contracted an evil virus it seems, which gave me a nasty cold including a horrible sore and swelling throat.  Very long story made short; fluid built up in my middle ears and the pressure eventually ruptured my tympanic membranes (ear drums).  So, not only have I been in a lot of pain, I suddenly can not hear, or if I’m having a good day, I can’t hear very well.

Anyway, I’m on pain meds and antibiotics until this all heals up, which could be anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.  Or it might not heal.  There’s that too…

What Have I Been Doing?

But, that’s not to say I haven’t been doing anything.  I have started a new painting, or more precisely I’ve started planning a new painting.  I know many people that have a set routine for starting new work, but I really don’t have a single method for when I start something new.  Brainstorming tends to lead to a general idea of subject matter and that tends to lead to the method I use to get started.

This time, I’ve been sketching out fast thumbnails, working out general composition.  More than anything, this painting started out as a set of colors I want to work with.  Everything else has been finding an idea that would go well with those colors.  So, being that this work will be about the colors, any grayscale sketch isn’t going to say much about the finished image.  I’ve included one of the sketches below.  Beware, it’s not pretty.  Sketching out a bunch of images like this is a great way to work on very general composition and values without getting bogged down by anything else.  Very quickly, you can try out a bunch of ideas and layouts and decide what works and what doesn’t.  This can save a lot of headache later.  Finding out that a composition doesn’t work or that an important element doesn’t fit when you’re already a few hours into a painting isn’t the way to go.

Yup, this is how paintings start out sometimes.

Yup, this is how paintings start out sometimes.

What else have I been doing?

I’ve spent a lot of time working on the store this last week.  I cleared out a whole bunch of the old stuff, brought in a new item, cleaned up what was left, and added a bunch of new options to the available products.  Go check it out and while you’re there, buy a print to liven up your space.

Granted, it is a little sparse right now, but while I’m working on new art I’m also updating some of the old to be in line with the other offerings.  They’ll be added along with the new in the future.

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Michael Simpson