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A bright full moon reflecting in the ocean waves. The stars have just begun to peek through the dark blue twilight veil. A lighthouse keeps a silent vigil. You hear the ocean waves crashing. It is at the same time both turbulent and … serene.

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For an in depth look at the step by step process used in this painting visit the blog post about this painting here: Making of Serenity

The lighthouse expresses feelings of security, awareness, and watchfulness; the wave crashing into the large rock expresses chaos, confrontation, and turbulence; the cresting wave turned turquoise by the moonlight represents beauty and the surreal; the bright full moon symbolizes a fullness of knowledge offering light to an otherwise dark world; the expanse of ocean and the star speckled sky represent the vastness and opportunity of existence; understanding all of these together in balance represents serenity.

This painting may be ordered as an 18” x 36” unframed giclée reproduction on museum quality archival paper, on unframed archival canvas, or from a numbered edition mounted as a 1.5” deep gallery wrap. The sides of the gallery wrap are not mirrored, black, or white, but rather the painting has been extended specifically for the sides with additional content which is not important to the main composition. This process allows the character of a gallery wrap to be expressed without the issues which may arise from a mirrored wrap such as odd shapes or patterns.

All numbered editions are numbered and signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity from Michael Simpson and Sylentstudios.